23 December 2010

DNA Dilemma

For several months I have contemplated doing a DNA test for genealogical purposes. But my dilemma is trying to determine which one to take. I know that there are several legitimate companies out there that offer this service, but I have narrowed it down to just a few.

1. FamilyTreeDNA seems to have several great benefits. I like the way that the haplogroups are organized. They also create a fund that members can contribute to so that other family members can take a test at discounted rates. I can take a 37 Marker Y-DNA test for a discounted rate of $119.00.

2. 23&Me also seems like a good deal. Their website states that their test is normally $499.00, but is on sale for $99.00 through Christmas Day. The only catch is that you must enroll in a $5/month subscription service. I also could not find how many markers are tested.

3. Ancestry.com also offers a DNA testing service. You can get a 33 Marker test for $149.00 or a 46 Marker test for $179.00. I currently have an Ancestry account, so the integration would be seamless. However, you can manually import your DNA results from other companies and still utilize many of Ancestry's benefits.

Have you used one of these services or possibly another? I would love your feedback. As of right now I am leaning towards FamilyTreeDNA.

ETA: I decided to go with the FamilyTreeDNA test. It has been ordered (24 Dec). I will post the process.


this is Melanie. we've talked before regarding Thomas Bannister Morris. regarding DNA....i don't recommend ancestry.com. their database is small and their system is difficult to understand / use. all of our DNA testing (all branches of the family) have been done thru FamilyTreeDNA and we've had more luck, contacts & "eliminations" using them. are you still working the Morris line?
Melanie (alaskaicebaby@aol.com)