13 December 2010

Missing Piece Monday

Every genealogist comes to the place where the road simply stops. For me, the road stopped with my 4th Great Grandfather, William T. Morris.

What I do know is that William T. (possibly Thomas) was born abt 1829 in either Tennessee or Kentucky (depending on which source you are looking at). In the late 1860s he moved his family from Graves Co., to Independence Co., Arkansas. For the past two years that is all the information that I could find.

I have researched libraries from Graves Co., KY, to Batesville, AR, looking for any information that I could find. I always came up empty-handed. The thought even crossed my mind to hire someone (a "professional") to help me out. But what kind of a researcher would I be if I let someone else do the work for me? So, for two years I have gone without any answers.

The 1870 US Census shows WT's family as:

William T Morris, 41
Sarah M Morris, 38
Caleb B Morris, 15
Mary Morris, 13
John F Morris, 12
Martha B Morris, 10
James R Morris, 8
William Morris, 7
Louisa J Morris, 2
Jasper E Morris, 2/12

I have only been able to find information for two of the children, James R. and Jasper E. James Robert was the easy one. He is my 3rd Great Grandfather. He was businessman in Graves Co., owning a small grocery store on West Broadway in Mayfield. The grocery store must have been outside the city limits as he is not listed in the City Directory in 1928 or 1930. More to come...


Hi, my name is John Morris. My family moved from Graves County, KY to Hillsboro TX, then to NE Texas, NW Louisiana sometime between 1850-1880. My Great Grandfather's name was Arthur Morris and he settled in Rodessa LA. I have a detailed family history tracing my line of the Morris clan to North Carolina if correct. This was compiled by a Great Uncle in the 1930's or 40's. It traces the movement from NC to Graves County to Texas and Louisiana. My father has the history at his house. If you wish to contact me my email is jmorris04@hotmail.com.